Kalki Avatar information


The Avatar of god Vishnu The sustainer form of almighty god omnipresent god will take place in India at the end of kali yuga nearly 428000 years later the detailed prophecy of this avatar which is last the 10 th avatar of lord Vishnu on this earth .

The Lord kalki will take birth in the village named Sambhal or Shambhala many have done lots of attempts to locate this village but were unable to find its correct location

The family of lord at the time of avatar

Father  name : Vishnuyasha

Mother name : Sumati

Brothers : Kavi



Wifes:     Padma


Lets start reading the prophecy


A Description of Kali-Yuga

Text 1

sendra deiagana munisvarajanalokah sapalah sada yam sarvarthasusiddhaye pratidinam bhaktyabhajanti uttamah tornvighnesam anantam acyutamajam sarvajna sarvasrayamvande vaidika tantnkadi vwidhaihsastrmh puro vanditam

I offer my respectful obeisances unto Lord Achyuta, the unborn,omniscient, and unlimited Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the destroyer of all obstacles, the shelter of all living entities, and the original speaker of the Vedic literature He is worshiped with great devotion by the demigods, headed by Indra, the foremost of sages, and by the rulers of the various planetary systems, for the purpose of attaining all kinds of perfection in life

Text 2

narayanam namaskrtyanaram cawa narottamamdevim sarasvatin can atato jayam udirayetBefore reciting this Kalki Purana,, which is the verv means of conquest,one should offer respectful obeisances unto the Personality of Godhead,Narayana, unto Nara narayana Rsi, the supermost human being, untomother SarasvatI, the goddess of learning, and unto Srila Vyasadeva, theauthorText 3yad dordanda karala sarpa kavalajvala jvalad vigraha netuh batkarah


vala danda dahtd bhupdh ksiti ksobhakdhsasvat saindhava vahano dvijajanih kalkih paratma hanhpdrdt satyayugadikrt sabhagavan dharma pravrm pnyahM ay

the Supreme Personality o f G odhead, having assumed the formof Kalki, who i s the Supersoul o f all living entities, establish the eternal principles o f religion H aving appeared i n a family o f brahmanas, He will annihilate the sinful kings o f Kali- yuga b y the fire o f the poison emanating from H is ferocious serpent- like hands while riding on the back o f a n excellent horse o f the Sindh province. I n this way, He will protect the pious and re- establish Satya- yuga

Text 4- 5

ш sutavacah srutvanaimisaranya vdsinahsaunakadya mahabhagdhpapracchustam katha mimdmhe suta sarvadharmajnalomaharsana putrakamkalajfia purdnajnavada bhdgavatim kathdm After Sri Suta G osvami had offered his obeisances t o the SupremeLord m this manner, the sages a t N aimisaranya, headed b y Saunaka Rsi,said: О Suta G osvami О son o f Romaharsana! О knower o f religiousprinciples! О seer o f past, present and future! О learned authority o f thePuranas, please continue narrating t o u s the pastimes o f the SupremeLord.