About us


Hrishikesh Krishnaji Joshi

(K Nath)

Follower of Nath sampradaya our nath sampradaya is following Revannath from the lineage of nimbargi sampradaya it is called as Inchegiry sampradaya .

by profession i am an instrumentation engineer

i worked for last 15 years in various industries but life turned in 1992 when i mistakenly collided with a sadguru and then my life changed dramatically .

As i am born in hindu brahmin family i was not so keenly interested in scriptures until i met my guru the real boss, i was busy making money but day by day life changed and i started gaining the truth of life .when i was looking at the religion or religions i was becoming disappointed by what we are doing and what is the DHARMA .

So i started this as movement when i was looking at the followers of religions i found them frightened with the thoughts of end times and end of days etc return of so and so . also there religious leaders were teaching them stories which are way before the actual times hence i started to look into end time writings by various sects of one larger dharma

this is why i started this blog my goal is to free PALs from deception created by religious leaders about end time and move the poor mankind to right path of richeasness.

Email Id : hrishikeshkjoshi@gmail.com