Faith Should be Unshakably Firm


Faith Should be Unshakably Firm
There are more things in heaven and earth than we know of, but that is no
reason to deny their existence. We go about with pride for our scant
knowledge, and that is where we err. If we allow ourselves to be proud of
the knowledge that God graciously grants us, is it not like cutting our own
throat with the sword that God has given us to use against an enemy? That
learning which does not show us where our interest lies cannot be classed as
knowledge; it is sheer ignorance. To give credence to what is not true is as
much ignorance as to doubt the existence of God Who is the Eternal Truth.
Real knowledge admits that God sees all that we think and do.
God never fails to give to everyone as much as he really needs, so be
content with what you have. He who thus trusts in God will be contented
irrespective of circumstances. Our faith should be unshakable, whereby our
contentment will remain rock-firm. Harishchandra, Prahlad, and other great
devotees had to face tremendous persecution, but they safely survived it
merely on the strength of faith.
Circumstances keep changing, and so what we cravingly ask for today may
not be suitable for the altered conditions of tomorrow. It is wise, therefore,
to be content with whatever God gives.
The Bhagavad-Gita says that we may abandon all religions and go to God in
complete submission; but here we are, yielding slavishly to the senses and
their pleasures; who can help in this situation? Arjuna opted for the Lord
alone as against His whole army; but this brought the Pandavas a
contentment, despite dire difficulties, the like of which the opponents, the
Kauravas, never enjoyed.
Contentment is the effect of the trust that the will of God is supreme and
that He is the real doer. The delight one feels is in doing, not in the hope of
the fruit of an action. If we adhere to nama-smarana we shall undoubtedly
get permanent bliss and contentment. This can be assuredly experienced
within a year by one who lives with the genuine conviction that whatever
happens is by God’s will. As you chant nama, say to God, ‘I do not ask for
anything pertaining to prapancha. Bless me only with Your love.’