10th OCTOBER A True Devotee Always Remains Contented


A True Devotee Always Remains Contented
To be contented in the circumstances in which Rama keeps him, a desire
continually to chant nama, and indifference to other matters of life, these
are the unmistakable marks of a true devotee. The eyes and ears generally
bring in most of the knowledge and information about the world around;
these organs should therefore be trained and engaged in nama. Rama
should be borne in mind, and you should always be conscious that the
prapancha you are doing belongs to Rama. Give up selfishness; this you can
do if you maintain nama-smarana. Acting in a play one may wholeheartedly
act the assigned part, whether that of a king or of a serf, without ever
forgetting what he is in real life.
The world holds both, good and bad; of these, select the ones whose
association will strengthen love for Rama. Do not associate with those who
are slaves to hatred, jealousy, egoism. Bear with equanimity both respect
and disrespect, concentrating the mind on Rama’s feet. A good disciple is he
who gives up all ego. Care day and night to create, enhance love with Rama.
Keep the body engaged in executing its worldly duties, fulfilling its
obligations, but rivet the mind on the teaching of the saints.
An excellent personal quality is to keep the eyes ever open to watch for
one’s own defects and shortcomings, for only he will seek to improve himself
who is, aware of his drawbacks. First awaken the mind, make it eager to
purify itself. Quit ego, free yourself of all sensory desires; cleanse the mind
of the idea of ‘having’ or ‘not having’ any particular thing or situation. Never
side with or associate with people loving sensory pleasures, for it may
eventually wean you away from Rama. A man is moulded by the company
he keeps; so adhere to the circle of the righteous. Feel dejected for nothing
but for eagerness to meet God.
What is earnestness but yearning for one thing alone? The sadhaka should
look upon his sadhana with the same single-pointed attention and love that
a dutiful wife bears to her husband. Nothing is more degrading to a sadhaka
than falling a prey to temptation. Treat prapancha as a service enjoined by
Rama. The nama imparted by the sadguru should be considered the holiest
of the holy. Be a true devotee by being contented in the situation allotted by
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