30th SEPTEMBER Care for Prapancha with Mind Fixed on Rama


Care for Prapancha with Mind Fixed on Rama
Try to satisfy everybody but keep your mind fixed on Rama. If we remember
Rama and do our worldly activity, there will be no occasion for regret. Let
God be a witness to actions. This is true Paramartha. Conduct worldly
matters with worldly wisdom; in Paramartha, follow whatever the guru tells.
It is Kaliyuga at present and naturally Kali is all-powerful, rampant.
Naturally, there is a clamour of his sway all round us; however, you will
escape unscathed if you keep your mind fixed on Rama.
Be cautious and alert in worldly matters, do not spare efforts. Remember
Shri Rama in the heart. Link your efforts with God. Do not waste time in
pondering over whatever happened in the past, or worrying over the future;
today, remember Shri Rama and do your duty. If efforts alone could make
the world happy, there would not have been any sorrow. Therefore, have
God always as the base for your efforts. Dedicate everything to Him and do
not worry about the outcome of your efforts. One who belongs to Rama and
who has brought Rama in his house, will never have a losing business.
Take care of your worldly matters, be cautions in them; simultaneously,
establish Rama in the heart, chant nama by the mouth, dedicate your body
to Him; associate with saints; give food to everyone who visits you; this
alone will lead to real spiritual success. The outer hard shell of a coconut is
for the protection of the inner soft layer of the kernel; regard your body
similarly, and have Shri Rama in the heart.
Saints and sages tell us that it is possible with efforts to attain even God.
Always remember this. But at the same time, remember that this is possible
only for one who remembers God at the beginning itself. Therefore, constant
remembrance of God is essential. While in His remembrance, do your duty,
and this will lead to happiness. Therefore be alert and earnest in performing
your duty, simultaneously do it unselfishly, without any expectation. So long
as we are conscious of the body, the related worldly matters have to be
attended to. Therefore, efforts should be undertaken as a duty; and leaving
success or failure to God’s will. If one eschews doership, one will be free
from pleasure and pain.
* * * * *