2nd OCTOBER Saguna Bhakti


Saguna Bhakti
Before you can recognize God in everything in the universe, you must first
realize His existence within yourself. As a gold ornament will not search for
gold elsewhere, one need not search for God beyond oneself. Association
with the saintly, or godly persons is an easy means for realizing what one is
in reality. It is unnecessary to resort to a forest to realize the Cosmic Spirit,
for it inhabits and animates all living things. Give up proprietorship to realize
the true ‘self’.
Where we err is, we only say verbally that God pervades everything but
deny it in practice. We conveniently forget that the same God that lives in
me resides in everything else too. Just as a lamp fills a whole room with
light, so too does God pervade all creation. Thus, to say that God is the
doer, not I, is the fundamental concept, and it corrects all further thought
and action. A man is basically the same person though he may wear
different apparel on different occasions; so, too, one’s action may be
different according to occasion but always guided by the basic concept that
God pervades everything. Sannyas does not consist only in wearing saffroncoloured
clothes; but in maintaining an equable mind in pleasant and
unpleasant happenings.
Entertain devotion for the concrete form of God. Chant nama with devotion
and faith, and the conviction that God resides in nama; this is the easiest
and surest way to realize God. The saints have painstakingly, and with
personal experience established the efficacy of this approach. It is a common
truth that we easily attune ourselves to one having similarity of form and
nature. So we find it convenient to imagine God being like ourselves, only
idealized. We love things which, like ourselves, are tangible; and so we find
it easy to have devotion for God in a concrete form, rather than as an
absolute entity. This devotion will positively culminate in realization of the
Absolute, Ultimate Reality. We should be insistent in keeping God for the
goal. There may be other ideals, but they should have only subordinate
importance, without that degree of importunity. Such complete submergence
in God is termed natural, permanent samadhi.
* * * * *