29th SEPTEMBER Prapancha is a Means; Paramartha is the Aim


Prapancha is a Means; Paramartha is the Aim
Keep profound faith, ‘I am for Rama, not for prapancha.’ Do not say, ‘I live
for myself’; say, ‘I live for Rama;’ then you will imbibe Rama’s virtues. We
live for prapancha, so we imbibe its merits and demerits. Therefore, live for
God. Prapancha is a means, Paramartha is the aim. No one can escape
prapancha. Sages, unlike us, however, utilize it to good, we don’t; therefore,
we don’t succeed in Paramartha.
There are three rare things; birth as a human; association with saints; and
longing for liberation. Human life is meant for Paramartha only, not for
sense pleasures. There should be intense longing for Paramartha and a
purified heart. With these two, one will certainly meet Shri Rama. If oil is not
provided at intervals, a lamp gets extinguished. Continuous remembrance of
God ensures proper burning of the spiritual lamp. Paramartha implies
practical application. If interested in a pilgrimage, you must first leave home
and start walking; certainly somebody will show the path; at least
signboards are there. We don’t even make a start on the path of
Paramartha, then how shall one meet a guide? We will certainly meet a guru
on the spiritual path. Therefore, let us begin with Paramartha, maintaining
constant remembrance of God.
Behaviour and thoughts should be in mutual unison. Whatever is read and
understood from holy books should be practiced at least to some extent.
What is not understood will also slowly become clear later. The destination is
not visible immediately on leaving the house. We reach it, step by step,
following one road after another. Similarly, even if we don’t understand the
teaching in a book entirely, let us act on whatever is understood. Have firm
faith in the words of saints, sadguru and scriptures. Don’t ever allow
confusion to enter the intellect. If this is followed, prapancha will be
spiritualised. To say, ‘I belong to Rama’ is Paramartha; to have ego is
prapancha. Mixing ego in Paramartha is prapancha; eliminate ego in
prapancha and it becomes Paramartha. We supply the tree of prapancha
with the water of ego, therefore it grows into a huge size. The root cause,
ego, should be destroyed. While the real doer is God, the jeeva unjustifiably
regards himself as the doer. The real upasana is in the growth of the feeling,
‘Rama alone is the doer, not I’.
* * * * *