26th SEPTEMBER Forgetting God is Suicide


Forgetting God is Suicide
Once a person started a school for teaching how to prepare different recipes.
There he used to explain with oral description, the procedures for these
preparations. But his students could not get even enough flour for their
bread; what use could they make of this knowledge? The wordy knowledge
of vedanta is similar. A man who only studies vedanta merely academically,
without applying it in practical life, does not benefit from it. Knowledge
which is not applicable in practice, is not useful to us, even though it may be
true. In fact, a thing which is very easy to practice is very difficult to explain,
it is to be known by experience only. He may be considered as incomplete
whose experience is dependent on others.
The difference between us and saints is that we consider that God is for the
world, while saints consider that the world is for God. When the mixture of
two substances brings taste, both the substances should be considered as
incomplete. In this world, God alone is complete in all respects; to forget
Him is suicide. So we should try to remain in His association, that is, in
nama. This is the essence of all keertanas, only the exposition is different.
Shri Rama told all the monkeys to search for Seeta. Everyone left, saying
‘yes’. But Maruti, who was very intelligent, asked how to recognize Seeta.
Shrirama tried to describe her in different ways, told him that she was very
beautiful. But Maruti, a confirmed bachelor, did not know what a beautiful
woman looked like! Finally Rama said, ‘You don’t seem to understand what I
say; now you remember only one thing; where you hear the constant sound
of my nama, there she must be.’ Maruti could easily understand this. One
who understands the sign of nama, has his life fulfilled, his Paramartha is
fruitful, and for him nothing remains to be achieved in this world. The
devotion of Maruti was really great! Shrirama felt that he will not be satisfied
unless he is given something permanent or ‘chiranjeeva’; He therefore gave
him his own name, which is chiranjeeva. With that name Maruti became
chiranjeeva or deathless. In this Kaliyuga, God Himself manifests, not in a
physical form, but in nama, which alone is truly the saviour.
* * * * *