23rd SEPTEMBER Words of Scriptures, of Saints, and Self-searching


Words of Scriptures, of Saints, and Self-searching
Once Uddhava requested Shrikrishna, ‘You Yourself tell us how shall we
attain You.’ Shrikrishna told him, ‘You will be able to attain me by devotion
alone’. There are three-fold means of devotion; words of the scriptures,
words of the saints (or seniors), and inward search by oneself.
Everything has become topsy-turvy these days. We have become so
‘learned’ that we are ashamed of putting faith in scriptures. Similarly, when
the son is even a little more educated than his father, he thinks, “Why
should I obey this ignorant father? What shall I gain by that? ” The same is
with our search. What is our research? Where did Pandavas reside? Where
was Rama born? Where did the Mahabharata war take place? Now tell me,
what shall we gain by this research? A professor once told me, ‘ I have
researched a lot into Shrikrishna’s life and now I am sure of the places of His
birth and death.’ What they are doing may be all right, but saints did not feel
the need of being certain of Shrikrishna’s birthplace. They made Shrikrishna
their own by intense devotion to Him. Really speaking, with the earnest
devotion Shrikrishna must be born in our heart itself; that is His real birthplace.
If we examine our behaviour and the thoughts in our mind, we shall be sure
that people will not like even to look at us, if they are aware of our mind; in
spite of this we are proud of our thoughts and research! Shall we attain love
for God with this kind of knowledge? There is no need for someone else to
tell us about our spiritual progress. We know about it fully well. Deep-rooted
pride, no control over thoughts, laziness in spiritual discipline; with all this,
how shall we attain God’s love? Saints have prescribed only one remedy for
this, and that is total surrender to God. With an earnest supplication, say to
Shri Rama, ‘Rama, I am now Yours; whatever happens henceforth, I shall
regard it as Your will. I shall try my utmost to chant Your name; kindly
accept me as Yours.’ How compassionate God really is! Swallowing hundreds
of offences, and wrong actions of people, He is ever ready to help those who
surrender to Him. So concentrate on nama and forget your existence as a
* * * * *