22nd SEPTEMBER Devotion is only Intense Love for God


Devotion is only Intense Love for God
In a big machine, when one wheel turns, all other wheels start their
motions, slow or fast according to their assigned functions. Our mind also
works similarly. When one faculty of the mind starts functioning, all other
faculties also begin to function. It is very difficult to control the mind; that is
possible only for a great man. Mercury is visible if kept before you, but you
cannot strike it with a stick. Similarly, you can feel the existence of the mind
but can’t control it. Therefore you should surrender to God. You have to
clean the mirror when it becomes dirty. Cleaning of the mind requires some
discipline. Very tasty condiments are prepared by properly mixing correct
quantities of chilies, salt, pepper etc. For the attainment of God, three items
are required, namely, good behaviour, purity of mind and chanting of nama.
Good behaviour implies honesty, righteous actions, and moral behaviour;
purity of mind implies non-existence of pride, envy or hatred and praying
God for every one’s happiness; chanting of nama implies not forgetting God
even for a moment. A wife need not forsake nama though her husband may
dislike God; it does not amount to disloyalty to him.
Stray thoughts arising in the mind obstruct love for nama; the remedy is not
to pay attention to them. One police officer was very efficient in
apprehending thieves. He used to find out the woman whose house the thief
frequented and saw to it that the woman betrayed the thief. Similarly, find
out where our mind gets attached, and place God there; with this you can
certainly control your mind. There are two ways to regulate mind; Patanjal
Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. The former consists of regulation of diet and physical
activity and control of sense organs. Bhakti implies intense love for God. The
means for creating such love consists of chanting of nama, propagating His
praise and stories, association with saints and the most important, the grace
of a sadguru. Actions in forgetfulness of God are bad actions. Make it a habit
to utter nama whenever you eat or drink anything. Do not deviate from
remembrance of God under any circumstances. Whoever conducts his family
life in the remembrance of God, will have his pride destroyed, and he will be
blessed with contentment and happiness.
* * * * *