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धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्*

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रोहते सायकैर्विद्धं वनं परशुना हतम् |
वाचा दुरुक्तं बीभत्सं न संरोहति वाक्क्षतम् ॥
( महाभारत, उद्योगपर्व ( विदुर नीति ) ३४/७९ )

पद विग्रह :
रोहते सायकैः विद्धं वनं परशुना हतम् ।
वाचा दुर्-उक्तं भीभत्सं न सम्-रोहति वाक्-क्षतम् ॥

When hit by an arrow, the wound may heal. Forests may regrow after being razed with an axe. But if a person is hurt by the scary bad words, then the wound can not be healed.

This Shloka is from ‘ Udyog Parva ‘ which is part of our greatest epic Mahabharat. Therein again the portion devoted to ‘ Vidur Neeti ‘ is full of wisdom and life lessons. Vidur Neeti is mainly on the science of politics ( राज धर्म ) and is narrated in the form of a conversation between Vidur and King Dhritarashtra. Vidur was known for his wisdom, honesty and unwavering loyalty to the ancient Aryan kingdom of Hastinapur.

According to Vidura, it is possible to mend physical injuries. The body has the natural ability to try and fix the wound at the earliest. When chopped with an axe, even plants have the strength to sprout forth the plant again from some other side. But when a spiteful word is spoken, the damage caused is tremendous. Without any physical contact, one can easily hurt someone’s heart and kill their spirit. Words have colossal power in them. They can either make or break the listener at many levels. One has to be very cautious at all times and watch his words. It is said that sped arrows and spoken words can never be taken back. Once out of the mouth, it can be considered as permanently written on stone. It gets etched forever in the mind of the person at whom it is directed to.

Another statement of wisdom was made by Mahatma Vidur on the user of harsh words, which is as under;

वाक्सायका वदनान्निष्पतन्ति यैराहतः शोचति रात्र्यहानि।
परस्य नामर्मसु ते पतन्ति तान्पण्डितो नावसृजेत्परेभ्यः
( उद्योग पर्व 34/81 )
Meaning : Words are like arrows shot off our mouth. One who is hit by that arrow will suffer night and day. Usually people hit others where they are most vulnerable. Wise men will not use such tactics on others since they do not wish to hurt others.

Sticks and stones may break the bones, but spiteful words can kill the heart. Speech is often regretted. How one wishes that all of us take a moment to think ‘before’ saying something. That makes lot of sense, since words with some sense will come out of the mouth.

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श्रीकृष्णो रक्षतु।