chapter 4 kalki puran -Padmavati Receives a Benediction From Lord Siva


Padmavati Receives a Benediction From Lord Siva
Text 1
suta uvaca
tatah kalkih sabha madhye
rajamdno raviryathd tarn nrpam dharma
mayo dharman dvijapriyan
Suta GosvamI said: О great sages, thereafter, the Supreme Lord, Kalki,
who is the personification of religious principles, described to the king
the duties of brahmanas while sitting in the royal assembly, appearing just
like a brilliant sun.
Text 2
kdlena brahmano nase
pralaye mayi sangata
ahameva samevdgre
ndnyat kdryamidam mama
Lord Kalki said: When the final dissolution of the universe will take
place, everyone, even Lord Brahma, will be annihilated. At that time, the
entire universe will become merged within Me. In the beginning, only I
existed, and thereafter, all living entities and elements emanated from
prasupta loka tantrasya
dvata hinasya catmanah
mahdnisdnte rantum me
samudbhuto virat prabhuh
After the final dissolution, the entire universe remained unmanifest
and there was no one except the Supersoul. Then, at the end of that long
and dark night, I manifested My universal form in order to enact the
pastime of material creation
P A D M A V A T I R l C E l V E S A B E N E D I C T I O N F R O M L O R D S l V A 4 1
Text 4
sahasrasirsa purusah
sahasraksah sahasrapat
tadangajo’bhavat brahma
vedaiakro vnahaprabhuh
That universa l for m o f Min e ha s thousand s o f heads , thousand s o f
eyes, and thousand s o f legs . From the mouth o f the universa l form cam e
the supremely powerful Brahma , who spoke the four Vedas
Texts 5-6
nvopadher mamamsacca
prakrtya mayaya svaya
brahmopahih sa sarvajno
mama vagveda sasitah
sasarja /ivajataru
kalamayasa yogatah
deid manvadayo lokah
sapraja payah prabhuh
In accordance with My order, which is as good as the Vedas, the
omniscient Brahma began his work of creating the living entities, who
are My separated parts and parcels, as well as the time factor, and the
planetary systems In the beginning, Brahma created the progenitors,
Manus, demigods, and human beings
Text 7
guninya mayayamsa me
nanopadhau sasarjire
sopadhaya ime loka
deva sasthanu jangamah
Although all of them are My parts and parcels, they engage in different
kinds of activities by the arrangement of may a, under the dictation ot the
three modes of material nature As a result, all moving and non-moving
living entities are materially designated.
Text 8
mamamsd may ay a srsta
yato mayyavisan laye
eiam vidha brahmana ye
macchanra madatmikah
All mo \ ing an d non-moving living entities are My separated parts
and parcels, although they appear to be products of mdyd. At the end,
everyone will merge into Me. The brahmanas and other members of the
social order are just like parts of My body.
Text 9
mamuddharanti bhuvane
yajna dhyana satkiydh
mam prasevanti samsanti
tapo dana kiyasviha
The brahmanas always worship Me by the performance of devotional
activities, such as sacrifice, study of the Vedas, undergoing austerities,
and giving chanty.
Text 10
smaranti amodayanty eva
nanye devadayas tatha
brahmana vedavaktdro
vedd me murttayah pardh
The twice-born devotees who preach the purport of the Vedas, and
who are themselves personifications of the Vedas, please Me to such an
extent that none of the demigods or anyone else can.