18th SEPTEMBER Uniqueness of Rama at Gondavale


Uniqueness of Rama at Gondavale
I earnestly wish everyone goes at least once to Gondavale and pays homage
,to Rama there. Rama there is unique; when you stand before Him, He
makes you aware of your defects, which is most important. Only when a
man knows that he is suffering from some disease, does he find a way for its
cure; similarly, when he knows his defects, he will surrender to God for their
removal. Rama will certainly bless him, because it is His vow to shower
Grace on anyone who totally surrenders to Him.
Who is a good physician? He who increases the patients appetite by
medicine, allows him nourishing food, and gives him medicine that digests it
and eventually the patient becomes free of the disease. My Rama is similar
to this; I, therefore, earnestly desire everyone to see Him at least once.
A temple should have its door open, but only for genuine devotees of God.
Even if only a few persons gather for a festival, it is the real joy, if they are
absorbed in nama. The objective should not be merely a large gathering. A
temple is primarily a place of devotion; it should therefore be simple; and
intense devotion should be practice there. A temple should be maintained
only on charity, not on stable assets. It should produce aspirants with high
spiritual ideals, and sworn to strict moral discipline. Devotion is very dear to
God. Instead of building temples of gold, efforts should be to intensify
devotion in simple temples built of stone and clay.
Remember, everything happens according to God’s will; so don’t reject what
you get, and be not sorry for what you don’t get. We have forgotten God.
Festivals are necessary for creating remembrance of God and its constant
maintenance. Like the sun staying at one place lights the entire world, God
pervades everywhere by His divine power. An unsuspecting person with
purity of attitude, sees God even in stone idol; purity, of course, must be of
a hundred percent standard, with no adulteration. One who inwardly
maintains constant awareness of God, and in his conduct controls his
impulses, gets spiritual experience very soon. Experience of the effect of
nama can be obtained by taking nama itself. Similarly, the experience of
God can be obtained in the awareness of Him.
* * * * *