धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्*

* ** *सुभाषितम् * ** *

सत्यानुसारिणी लक्ष्मीः कीर्तिस्त्यागानुसारिणी ।
अभ्याससारिणी विद्या बुद्धिः कर्मानुसारिणी ॥
( Source – सुभाषितरत्नभाण्डागार)

पद विग्रह :
सत्य-अनुसारिणी लक्ष्मीः कीर्तिः त्याग-अनुसारिणी ।
अभ्यास-सारिणी विद्या बुद्धिः कर्म-अनुसारिणी

Wealth follows truthfulness; fame follows sacrifice ( giving ) ; knowledge follows study( and practice ); the intellect ( wisdom ) follows deeds (action).

Wealth follows those persons who are truthful and honest. Glory and fame follows one who sacrifices for others. Knowledge and learning follows those persons who regularly revise and recapitulate whatever they have learnt, and wisdom or intellect develops according to one’s deeds and actions, i.e. thinking will be of noble thoughts, if one indulges in noble deeds and wicked if one indulges in treachery and harming others.

It must be after a great amount of thinking the ‘ Subhashitkar ‘ has expressed his opinion that wealth, fame, knowledge and intelligence are important aspects of one’s life. Everyone entertains intense desire to have these four aspects with them. The Subhashit kar tells us through this Subhashit , the necessary ingradient, trait, quality that one should possess to have wealth, fame, knowledge and intelligence.

Wealth : Godess Lakshmi ( Godess of wealth and prosperity ) always lives where there is truth and honesty. She is known for her affinity for honesty and cleanliness. Where there is no honesty, prosperity might seem to reside tentatively. Where the wealth amassed is by means unethical and immoral acts or by misusing the power or by deceit, Godess Lakshmi does not stay there for long time. On the contrary, the person is certain to end up paying the price, one way or another. It is better to let prosperity take its course by being truthful because ‘ wealth follows honesty’.

Fame : The one who sacrifices for the society or for the country or the one whotways extends his helping hand to the needy monetarily, physically, or in any other ways, earns name and fame. And fame that follows such selfless acts remains forever. We see in our daily life that even the bad guys make it to the newspaper, sometimes grabbing the headlines. But which one becomes famous and which one becomes infamous? The morality and the liberality of actions of the good person take him to fame because ‘fame follows benefaction’. Power and wealth can never be the basis for name and fame. Even if it is there, it would be a temporary phenomenon.

Knowledge : Only by reading, studying or listening to those who are knowledgeable, one can gain knowledge about a new subject. When such knowledge covers comprehensively all the aspects of a subject, then the person becomes ‘ knowledgeable ‘ in that subject. But to retain that knowledge, one has to keep on repeating what he has studied and practising it. Knowledge is not a ready dish to be served up for the taking. It comes only through practising over and over again. Learning and relearning until one has perfected the knowledge, is the only way to go because ‘knowledge follows practice’. Take for example the case of a doctor. After finishing the medical course, if the person discontinues reading on the subjects and also doesn’t practice, the knowledge gained by him in the medical field will say bye – bye to him in course of time. There is a saying in Sanskrt ‘ अनभ्यासे विषं विद्या ‘ .

Intellect : Two interpretations are possible depending upon how the word ‘ Karma कर्म ‘ interpreted and the meaning thereof is derived. One is by assigning the meaning ‘ action ‘ or ‘deeds ‘ and the other one is in spiritual terms i.e ‘ ‘Karma phala कर्मफल ‘. Now first let’s see the first option.

Intellect is something that comes along with one’s implementation of his knowledge. An architect can think of how to design a given space meticulously. That intellect comes to him due to constantly thinking in that module and working towards it. Hence, ‘intellect follows implementation’.

The second interpretation would be as under. –
Though one might have acquired knowledge based on his studies and practising it thereafter, his mind uses it depending on his ‘ karma.’ It is believed that one’s ‘ Karma ‘ controls the mind. It is a matter of common knowledge that at times, a person who behaves and acts in a particular way, suddenly behaves and acts unexpectedly in a different way surprising those who know his nature. Here one may apply, what is known as ‘ Karm phal Siddhant ‘ कर्म फल सिद्धान्त ‘, if he is a believer of ‘ Karma ‘ theory. Agreed that one has liberty to think and act, but it is not always necessary that the mind takes a correct decision.

The ‘ Subhashit kar ‘ has thus provided to us established truths about Wealth, Fame, Knowledge and Intellect. Let’s take the right path to get the right fruit.

* सुप्रभातम् *
Sharad G. Savadi

श्रीकृष्णो रक्षतु।