Earnest Yearning for God is Essential


Earnest Yearning for God is Essential
Do you really want God? and for what purpose? Of course, you take so much
trouble to come over here, how can it be that you don’t want God? You
certainly want God; but what for? For making your family life happy! Even if
it is so, however, it is certainly to the good, for later on, this will show us the
proper way.
Whosoever has an earnest yearning for God for the sake of God alone, is
really fortunate. Great sages and saints felt the urge for God, and they made
God their own. Tukaram, Ramadas and others never aspired for anything
except God. Such need for God is felt only by saints. Ramadas felt intense
longing for spiritual initiation. He requested his elder brother for it but he
was told, ‘You are too young, my boy.’ But the intensity in the mind of
Ramadas could not be quietened. He ran away from the marriage altar. He
sustained the intense longing and persisted in this sadhana for full twelve
years, until, ultimately God Himself, in His grace initiated him; only with this
his anguish was pacified.
The attainment of God does not depend upon age, wealth or caste
and religion; it only depends upon the intensity of longing; this intensity is
very essential. Only total surrender to God can generate such intensity.
Ramadas put his head on Rama’s feet and said, ‘O Rama, I have dedicated
my body to You, I don’t need it without You. It is impossible for me to live
without You.’ With such intense love, such close affinity, such earnest
yearning, how long can God hold Himself aloof!
God, in fact, is satisfied with very little. If you walk one step towards Him,
He comes forward two steps in your direction. However, we do not have that
intense longing to go to Him. Our passions, our ego, our body-
consciousness, all pull us back. One who cuts all these chains of bondage
and attains God, does not come back. God is very affectionate like a mother.
Which mother will not like to embrace her child? But these passions stand in
the way. Truly, nama draws aside the curtain between Him and us,
eliminates the attachments due to body-consciousness, clears the path
towards God, and holding our hand takes us straight to God. So keep nama
constantly awake in your heart.