16th SEPTEMBER Devote Mind to God and Leave Body to Prarabdha


Devote Mind to God and Leave Body to Prarabdha
Nobody really can evade the results of past actions, that is Prarabdha; but
Prarabdha affects only the body, not the mind. The body experiences
pleasure and pain according to Prarabdha. Nobody wants pain, but it has to
come, if deserved. Man does not complain about pleasant things, but about
painful events, he says, ‘I worshipped God with so much devotion; I follow
such-and-such a saint; why then should I have to suffer such pain?’ But he
does not realize that it is the result of his own past deeds. What can God or
a saint do about it? Suppose we are in need of money, and a man or our
acquaintance, or a very close relative, is the manager of a bank; if we
happen not to have sufficient bank balance, then he is helpless. At the most,
he may help us with some money of his own. Similarly, according to our
Prarabdha, if there is no happiness for us, how can we get it? At the most a
saint may, if necessary, reduce our burden of sorrow by taking on some of
our suffering to himself. Therefore, we should accept the good or bad effects
of our Prarabdha on our body and mentally remain in the remembrance of
God. A true devotee cares not for the body, and is therefore not worried
about physical afflictions of the body. He does not wish to evade Prarabdha.
Just as the limbs of different persons have differences, the good and bad
attributes also appear in different proportions according to the deeds of the
past births. Of course one cannot relate each effect with a specific deed, and
we call the entire collection of past deeds as Prarabdha. Happenings in the
world as well as in the individual’s life take place according to the respective
Prarabdha. The difficulties that arise are due to it, and not created by God.
Like guests, they come and go. We should not invite them, and nor need we
be afraid of them. Prarabdha and the planets affect only the body. They do
not stop your mind from praying and worshipping God. Prarabdha does not
affect one who remains obedient to a saint or sadguru. Practice continuous
remembrance of God and you will surmount your Prarabdha.
* * * * *