kalki Puran Chapter 3


Text 13
pujayitva yathanyayam
swam sdntam mahesvaram
pranipatyasu tosam tarn
dhyatvd praha hrdi sthitam
After offering His respectful obeisances to Lord Siva, who is very
easily pleased, and worshiping him with devotion, Lord Kalki began to
speak, keeping His mind fully under control.
Text 14
gaunnatham visvanatham
samnayam bhutavasam
vasuki kanthabhusam tryaksam
pancasyddi devam puranam
vande sandrananda sandohadaksam
Lord Kalki said: О Lord Sankara, you are the oldest of all, the husband
of G aun, the lord of the universe, the only protector of the living ent ities,
and the shelter of everyone. Your neck is decorated with the serpent,
Vabuki, you have three eyes and five heads, you are always absorbed in
t ranscendental ecstasy, and you award liberation to your devotees I offer
my obeisances unto you
Text 15
yogadhisam kamanasam
karalam ganga sangaklinna
murddhanarnisam jatajutato
panksipta bhavam mahakalavn
tandrabhalam namami
You are the lord of mystic yoga and the destroyer of lusty desires.
Your form is fearful to behold, your head is always wet with the water of
the Ganges, the matted hair on your head looks most enchanting, your
forehead is decorated with a mark of the half moon, and you are the
personification of maha- kala. I offer my obeisances unto you.
Texts 16-17
smasdnastham bhutavetala sangam
папа sastraih khadaga suladibhisca
vyagrat yugra vahavo lokandse
yasya krodhad dhataloko’stameti
vo bhutadih panca bhutaih
sisrksuh tanmatratma kalakarma
svabhavaih prahrtyedam prap^a
jwawamiso brahmanando
ramate tarn namami
You frequent crematoriums in the company of ghosts and hobgoblins,
and you carry a trident and other weapons in your hands At the time
of annihilation, the entire creation is burnt to ashes by the blazing fire
emanating from your anger. The conditioned souls are born in this world
under the influence of false ego, and their bodies are made of the five
gross material elements. You are the lord of the mode of ignorance, and
thus you are one of the directors of the material universe Although you
are involved in universal affairs, you always remain aloof from material
association as you remain absorbed in transcendental ecstasy 1 offer my
obeisances unto you
Text 18
sthitau iisnuh sanajisnuh
suratma lokan sadhun
dharmasetun vibharsi
brahmadyase ^o’bhimam
gundtma savdadyangaistam
paresam bhajdmi
I worship Lord Siva, the protector of the universe and the Supersoul of
all living entities H e is always victorious, being a qualitative incarnatio n
of Lord Visnu, and He delivers saintly persons by protecting the principles
of religion. He is the personification o f transcendental sound , a reservoir
of divine qualities, and the possessor of great intelligence .
Text 19
yasyd]ndyd vayavo vanti
loke jvalatyagnih savita yati
tapyan sitamsuh khe tdrakaih
sagrahmsca pravarttate
tarn paresam prapadye
By you r orde r th e wind blows , fir e burns , th e sun distributes hea t
and light , and the moon, planets and stars illuminat e the sky. I offer my
obeisances unto you.
Text 20
yasyasvdsat sarvadhatn dhantn
devo varsat yambu kalah pramata
merurmadhye bhuvanandnca bharttd
tamisanam visvarupam namdrra
B\ you r order, the earth sustain s all moving and non moving entities,
Indra shower s ram, the time facto r divide s th e duties o f everyone, and
Mount Sumeru , which is the shelter of the universe, remains fixed at the
center I offer m y humble obeisances to the universal form of Lord Siva.