13th SEPTEMBER Everything is Futile without Purity of Mind


Everything is Futile without Purity of Mind
Body-consciousness and pride and not circumstances are obstacles in
surrendering to God. Dedicate every action to God to eliminate pride. Have a
firm attitude that God alone is the doer, we can do nothing; this amounts to
dedicating pride to God. Establish a close relationship with God in some way
or other. Speak to Him, chant nama; there is nothing true except nama. If
you take away the calf, the cow follows it automatically; similarly if you
chant nama, He follows it.
Once you develop taste for the sweetness of nama, you feel dislike for
prapancha, you do not relish sense objects. It is wrong to say that nama
spoils family life. Do not neglect your duties while chanting nama. You may
not get encouraging experience of nama because you may not be chanting it
as much as you should. Try to develop love for nama by practicing it
ceaselessly. In this rare human life, remain firm in nama. God is present in
the remembrance of nama. Everything is futile without purity of mind;
association with saints is the only sure way for this purification. Once you
belong to Him, He will find the remedy for your spiritual good. Do not say, ‘I
shall practice a particular sadhana’; say-’O God, You alone can get it done
by me’. You always remember the person helping you with initial capital for
your business. Similarly you should not forget God who endowed you with
wisdom, wealth and health. You can attain God in the natural course,
remembering your original pure self. The nature of pure self is free from any
expectation of the fruit of action and pride of doership.
Feel contented in the circumstances in which God has placed you; don’t
forget Him. God is far away, if you are far away from your own self, or if you
look at things with external sight only. He is close by if your sight is turned
inwards. Our birth as a human being surely indicates that we belong to God.
Therefore, without wasting time in sensuous enjoyment and accompanying
pain, fix your sight on God. It is man’s real duty to attain God by purifying
conscience and discrimination in this very life. There is no easier alternative
to establishing a mental link with God by constant meditation.
* * * * *