12th SEPTEMBER Nama Destroys Pride


Nama Destroys Pride
On hearing news about an acquaintance’s house having been burnt, a
person wrote to him, ‘Have faith in God, and remain contented.’ After some
time, the latter lost his money; thereupon he started wailing! It is easy to
advise others but difficult to act on it in our own case.
Unless our sense of doership is completely annihilated, God will not bless us.
We should remember God while doing every piece of work. When we earn
profit we develop pride. When we are in loss, we blame our fate. We should
not claim doership in either event. We must remember that we are only a
puppet in the hands of God. We must surrender ourselves to Rama saying,
‘It is your sweet will whether to grant me success or otherwise.’
Most of todays’ scientific developments cater to physical comforts. Saints
alone can discover true and everlasting happiness. We shall certainly achieve
true contentment if we follow the ways they have prescribed. Why are we
not contented today? It is because our ego comes in the way. While doing
our duty or after completing the task, if we do not allow our ego or pride to
rise, then we shall experience the love of God, and feel contented. Look,
how our pride raises its head even in ordinary petty matters! A gentleman
had a daughter of marriageable age. He was well-to-do and the girl was fair
looking. But her marriage could not be settled for a long time. Later, after
the marriage was settled and over, the gentleman said, “I celebrated my
daughter’s marriage with great splendour.” Somebody asked him, “Why did
you not do it earlier?” Then he said, “It could not be settled earlier.” The
other person retorted, ‘Then why do you say, ‘I’ celebrated, say only, it
happened to be settled”.
On the basis of their personal experience, saints have told us that
surrendering completely and single-mindedly to God is a sure way to kill
pride. Once we surrender ourselves at the feet of Rama with single-minded
devotion, and say ‘Rama, I now belong to You and You belong to me,’ every
deed of ours thereafter will belong to Him; it need not be dedicated to Him
again. We should regard every action as His. While dedicating any action the
dedicator remains separate, but that should not be the case. The dedicator
should merge completely with God.
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