11th SEPTEMBER Scrutiny should not be Done beyond a Limit


Scrutiny should not be Done beyond a Limit
You should try to make God your own. If you continue this effort
dispassionately, you will certainly receive the grace of sadguru. If you try to
practice under compulsion the sadhana advised by the sadguru and if the
thoughts continue unchanged, then how can you experience the love of
God? We complain that, after having worked hard for some five years and
keeping away from the temptation of sense-objects, we still find no
experience. Then the tempo of the sadhana slows down and faith gets
diluted. We must have profound faith that whatever happens is according to
the sadguru’s will and inspiration only. We forget that God alone generates
love in sadhana. The whole effort will be of no avail, if we start feeling proud
that from the earlier stage of doing nothing, now we are practicing at least
some sadhana. Some people achieve success immediately on dedicating
themselves at the feet of the sadguru. But how can we allege that the
sadguru is partial? One must examine where one has gone wrong. Till now
we wished to take to nama but could not do so. Now that we have started
the practice of nama-smarana, why should we not regard even this change
as His grace?
Man must have patience in prapancha. We should have no fears if we are in
continuous remembrance of God. Too critical scrutiny results into a loss.
What is the fruit of entire learning? Whatever we like, we follow without
scrutiny, and whatever we don’t want to do, we scrutinize it hyper-critically!
Critical scrutiny should be only upto a limit. If continued beyond it, we do
not understand what we talk.
In spite of the modern amenities that have helped man to travel with speed
on water or in air, he is becoming more and more discontented every day.
This is not true progress. Whatever be the circumstances and whatever be
the times, we can remain blissful. If we look back, we shall find very little
which we can claim as done by us. We should not therefore worry about the
circumstances. We should do our duty and not allow our vritti to be affected.
We shall achieve everything, if we establish firm faith in the doership of
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