9th SEPTEMBER Forgetting God is a Great Sin


Forgetting God is a Great Sin
Really, wherever you look, God exists. Those who have realized God have
told us what God likes. The essence of their teaching is, “Surrender to God,
giving up all desires for sense-objects.” This teaching must be accepted as a
scriptural authority; with their own personal experience, and having attained
the state of liberation, they have shown the way to it. He is our real kith and
kin who releases us from the bondage of birth and death. Those who belong
to God are not afraid of this world. Do we not surrender ourselves to
sensuous objects? Then why should we hesitate to surrender ourselves to
God? One can perform all miracles but it is not easy to really surrender to
When one begins nama-smarana, one is harassed by thoughts of sensuous
desires. That shows how one is completely filled, in and out, with all sorts of
desires. One must, however, resolutely continue practicing nama. Does not
one get upset by bad thoughts while looking after the family life? Then why
should we be afraid of such thoughts if they arise during spiritual pursuit?
Once he took to nama, Prahlad never looked back; he was saved by nama
only; he could liberate himself due to his faith alone. We must therefore
remain in unbroken remembrance of God and strengthen this faith. Never
think of past sins. You may not undo the wrong of yesterday, but do not
waste the present moment. Never get despaired.
Every sadhana is best in its own way. Be faithful to your sadhana like a
chaste lady to her husband. Remember firmly that of all disciplines and
religions aim at belonging to God. We work hard till death to fulfill the needs
of our prapancha; then why should we not make some efforts to belong to,
unite with God? Really, there is no greater sin than forgetting God. Longing
for God is divine consciousness, while longing for sense objects is bodyconsciousness;
when the latter diminishes, the mind will become steady in
nama. When you reach the stage, ‘You exist, I do not’, with the help of
nama-smarana, you can consider that you really belong to God.
* * * * *