8th SEPTEMBER Read Little, Contemplate and Act on it


Read Little, Contemplate and Act on it
What is maya? That which exists without God is maya. Everything that is
visible and perishable is maya. As long as we practice nama-smarana we are
out of the snare of maya; when we forget God and nama, we fall under the
influence of maya. The essence of anything is in doing it, not just listening to
it or telling about it. Howsoever you describe nirguna, it will not be possible
to comprehend nirguna. We should, therefore, visualize and worship saguna.
One who says ‘I worship nirguna’, does not really know what nirguna is,
because in nirguna there remains no one even to tell this.
One gentleman told me that he had read all books on vedanta. I said to him,
‘Then you must have achieved contentment;’ On this he replied ‘That is the
only thing which I have not achieved’! Of what use then has his entire
reading been? What can we then get from studying vedanta? Let us practice
simple and easy devotion. Surrender yourself single mindedly and
completely to God, practice nama-smarana; you will get everything. Unless
you practice what you read in sacred books the reading is futile. Do not read
merely for the sake of reading; it adversely affects your sadhana, and you
start developing pride over your reading. Therefore, read only a little,
contemplate and act on it.
If you spend even a small part of the day in the remembrance of God, the
entire day will pass in the same mood of awareness of God; extending days
into months, months into years, and years forming the life, your whole life
will pass in the continuous remembrance of God.
You should not be fond of family life itself, but should be fond of your duties
therein. It is holy to do your duties, but you should not get involved in
attachment to family life. You should mentally belong only to God. If you
earnestly remember God, He will definitely keep you happy and contented.
To belong to God is to be happy and contented in life. Have profound faith in
God and do only what He likes; that is the essence of Paramartha.
No one knows when this body may fall; never say, therefore, ‘I shall practice
nama when I am old;’ start right now.
* * * * *