10th SEPTEMBER Be at Rama’s Feet, Chant Nama Day and Night


Be at Rama’s Feet, Chant Nama Day and Night
Rama’s name is a formless saviour; chant it repeatedly. Hold to it firmly and
you will be free from the cycle of birth and death. Shri Shiva recited nama
for overcoming the effect of the poison he swallowed. The stories of Valmiki
and Ajamela also show the importance of nama. In heaven, earth or hell,
nama alone is the most effective remedy. Hanuman jumped across to Lanka
by holding nama firmly in his heart. This sense world is like an empty
dream. Therefore, take the support of nama, the abiding truth.
Chanting of nama reduces sins to ashes. Many precious stones and other
items came to surface when, in the mythological times, the oceans were
churned. Nama is much more precious than those items. Even the teachings
of the Vedas are rectified in the process of chanting nama; it is simpler and
achieves the same goal as yoga. The human mind itself is Shriram, and the
soul animating the body is Atma-rama. It is the same Ultimate Reality that
pervades and activates the entire universe, and therefore you should learn
to recognize its manifestation among all the people; merge your own ‘self’
with this manifestation while maintaining nama on the tongue. The great
Vasishtha merged with the ‘self’ and Shriram Himself became enslaved by
accepting his tutorship. That is why, like a humble servant, I say that one
who remembers Shriram does not have to worry about worldly affairs. Nama
is a mine of truth, meditate on it. See Shriram everywhere, amongst all
humans and animals. Protect the sacred cow, be compassionate to
everybody, feed every visitor coming to you, discard sense pleasures by
association with saints and remain in nama, unmindful of everything else.
Do not waste even a single breath, earnestly aspire for nama alone, don’t be
carried away by the vagaries of the sensitive, subtle mind.
I take your leave now. But please listen to my last earnest request. I have
told you today the sacred secret of Rama, nothing else is required. Follow
this secret and become entitled to liberation. My sadguru has graced me
with the name ‘Brahmachaitanya’. I am only a humble servant, constantly
chanting nama.
* * * * *