Nath Sampradaya

Nath Sampradaya
We have just started discusing about Nath sampradaya or Narayan sampradaya , from last blog
let us continue the blogs
Sr. No . Narayana Name as per nath sampradaya Birth type on earth Primary guru Secondary guru
1 Kavi Narayan Matsendranath from egg of fish Shiva Dattatreya
2 karbhajan narayan gahininath from clay figure of chield Shiva Dattatreya
3 antarikshya narayan Jwalendra nath or jalandhar nath from fire of alter yagna shiva Dattatreya
4 Prabudha narayana kanifnath From the ear of elephant Shiva Dattatreya
5 pippalayan narayana charpati nath From bush of grass Shiva Dattatreya
6 chamas narayan revannath or reva nath from sand of narmada river Shiva Dattatreya
7 Hari narayan bhartruhari son of angle and apsara Shiva Dattatreya
8 Avirhora Narayana Nagnath From lady snake reptalian Shiva Dattatreya
9 Shiva Gorakshnath from cow dung Matsendranath Dattatreya
10 Vasudev Shrikrishna no Birth direct action self self
1000 to 2000 years each then they all left to heaven in a plane or UFO .
The jejus and bhartruhari were at the approximately same time but bhartruhari
had a companion i.e. vikramaditya in india the time is counted in the name of vikramaditya
his father was surochan gandharva a demigod and king of heaven promised him lord indra that
the time will be counted in his name the age diffrence in between jejus and vikram
was as per vikram was 40 years older than jejus . As vikram was noninated by king lord of heaven as per
the book of gorakh kimayagar that the time will be counted in his name then it was
conveyed to whole world at that time by all means hence the gragerian calender
is infact counting the same time of Vikram but the age diffrenec of 40 years .
so thus if you look the pictures of sumerian gods like fish man that is simmilar discription to matsendra nath