The tragic end of Mahabharat War 

The tragik end of Mahabharat War
The End of mahabharat war was very tragik this war killed 99 prince of dhrutrashtra one was
 saved most of the armys both side got killed many widows were there and once rich peoples
suddenly become very very poor all over the world the weopnes used in the war were so powerfull
that due to there after effects many centuries there were droughts .
The winners of the wars sons of gods came back to indraprashta and started ruling but due to
the after effects of war they decided to quit the thorn and the elder brother Yudhishthir left
for forests to live a common mans life by handing over the thorn to richeas leader from family all
5 brothers along with there common wife draupadi left for forest but they decided to meet
Dhrutrashtra and Gandhari old king and queeen who left the palace and were going for vanpras
tha while they were travelling trough Present day iran or old persia they were welcomed by
ruler there and told them to stay there only as a spiritual teacher so they stayed there and
Died in Iran only .
Here god incarnate Shri krishna was also very sad he reached back to his empire of Dwarika but
the return attacks started on his empire from mathura and yemen ( the king of Yemen was
kal yavan) the name of country is still yemen from that time after the war with kal yavan Shri
krishna told everyone to leave this place as this place is going to sunk in to ocean mnay left
but most did not along with his wifes and all they got submerged when Dwarika got sunk .
after the Death of shri krishna out of his 90 sons one son made onetrue saint angry so that saint
cursed him that you will give birth to musal ( it is riddel) and with out any womens intervention
he gave birth to Musal This was a very big insult and bad omen when he was son of god so one of the
best Friend of Krishna Akrur took him with him and left to mathura but there was
also same problem so they left the country and gone to the arabian deserts thus everything started
in the deserts
mean while shri krishna returned back to his heavens when there was god present on earth all
the earthly  matter were working fine but as he left to heaven the bad energies from hell or
the batch of fugitives from hell with some new realeased sinners tring to enter earth started
visiting earth also some of the fallen angels who were cursed by indra lord of heaven started
to work on earth as demons .so there was lot of keos on earth . For 10000 years this  kind of situation was there
so heavely system decided for one water flood in the areas of keos on earth thius the first flood
or pralay after last yuga happened , then lord shri krishna called 9 Narayanas in heaven from there graves
in mount meru . They reported shri krisna and krishna brifed them about all the situation on earth
and told them to take birth as human an resolve the situation .
These Narayana requested lord that as the earth is in Kaliyuga and Shiva has locked all the
mantras with there start and end so no powers can come out from any mantra it is very difficult to
work on earth so god replied you have to take birth without any human mothers womb then only
they will work .
these Narayana are as below
Kavi narayana
Karbhajan Narayana
Antarikshya Narayana
prabudha Narayana
Avirhotra  Narayana
Pippalayan Narayana
Chamas Narayana
Hari Narayana
Drumil Narayana
These Narayana started Nath sampradaya this information is as per chapter no 1 of Goraksh
Kimayagar Granth written by Gorakh nath also from his other grantha Amanaska
every narayan worked on earth for 1000 years each after flood total 10000 years they
worked on earth to set dharma