The Faith that Rama is Doer Gives Contentment


The Faith that Rama is Doer Gives Contentment
The early hours before sunrise are very pleasant. It is very nice indeed if
some are performing manas-pooja, others may be in deep sleep, while some
may be day-dreaming. From dawn till bed-time at night, everyone, from a
king down to a pauper, all struggle for only one thing, and it is to attain
peace and contentment. In life everyone has an urge to achieve
contentment. Real contentment is in fact, not dependent on anything. It can
be achieved only through the faith that it is Rama who is the real doer of all
actions. All saints, from their own personal experience, have shown us the
easiest means of achieving contentment, and that is nama-smarana. Early
hours before sunrise are very helpful for good studies. Let us, therefore,
start this practice of nama-smarana in these early hours. You will achieve
everything if you maintain unbroken remembrance of and faith in God. I am
sure that Rama will bless you if you continue this practice with fondness and
intense urge.
It is a common complaint that while chanting nama other thoughts crowd
the mind. When you are walking on the road, you do not have control over
who should come across your path. It is for you to pay attention to them or
ignore them. Similarly, while chanting nama you should ignore other
thoughts and not get carried away by them and waste time. You cannot
forget a thing by merely repeating ‘I must forget it, I must forget it’. Pay
more attention to nama so that other thoughts will automatically fade away.
If you have missed your way, you have to retrace your steps and walk back
until you spot where the right road begins and then proceed on this road.
This is the practice or abhyas and you have to continue this until you
achieve your goal. Brahmanand, performed true penance. He was a man of
great learning, but he dedicated all his talents and erudition at the feet of
Rama. He adopted this path, realizing that doing nothing else except this will
bring him spiritual welfare. Therefore, let us follow the path trodden by the
great, without entertaining the least doubt. In that alone lies our spiritual
Remain ever in nama and have firm faith that Rama is the doer.
* * * * *