The Prophecy of Kalki purana as it is chapter 1 complete



madhu mamscur mulaphalair

aharaih prcma dhannah

etam tu proxhame pade

kaleh krsna vinindakah

In Kah-yuga, sudras will accept charity from others,, or else plunder

others’ wealth without discrimination. Mutual agreement will become

the sole criteria for solemnizing the marriage of a boy and girl. People will

show sympathy and magnanimity, but it will simply be a form of duplicity.

Forgiveness will be granted only when a person is unable to harm the

offending party. In a society of might makes right, people will easily

become annoyed with those in a weaker position. Even fools will be very

talkative in an attempt to prove that they are learned. People will engage

in religious ceremonies, but simply to acquire a reputation. If one has got

wealth, he will be considered to be a saint. Just to bathe in a holy place,

people will travel a great distance and undergo much trouble. Simply by

putting on a sacred thread, one will be recognized as a brahmana. Simply

by carrying a staff, one will be recognized as a sannyasl.

The earth will restrict the production of food grains. The currents of

rivers will flow very rapidly, and even married women will behave little

better than prostitutes, because they have practically no attachment for

their husbands. Those who are twice-born will be dependent on others,

so much so that they will not hesitate to engage as priests for sudras.

Women will become promiscuous, so that will be easily abandoned by

their husbands. Clouds will shower ram very irregularly, and the land

will not yield sufficient crops. Kings will whimsically torture and kill

their subjects, and burden them with excessive taxes. Such unfortunate

subjects will finally take their family and belongings and take shelter of

mountains and dense forests. The people of Kah-yuga will sustain their

lives by eatmg flesh, honey, fruit, and roots, without discrimination.

Almost everyone will take pleasure in blaspheming the Supreme Lord,

Sri Krsna These are some of the symptoms that will manifest at the

beginning of Kah-yuga.

Text 38

dvitne tannama hinas

trtiye varna sankarah


ekaiarnas caturthe ca

vismrta cyuta satkrnah

In the second quarter of Kali-yuga, people will no longer chant the

holy names of Lord Krsna. In the third quarter of Kali-yuga, there will be

an upsurge of unwanted population, and in the final quarter of Kali-yuga,

there will be only one class of human being, because God consciousness

will have been long forgotten.

Text 39

nihsiadhyaya svadha staha

vausadom kara varjitah

deva sarve mraharah

brahmanam saranam yuyuh

When the study of the Vedas, performance of sacrifice, chanting of

mantras, and other religious practices thus disappear from this world during

Kali-yuga, the demigods, being afflicted due to not receiving their share

of sacrificial offerings, will take shelter of Lord Brahma, the grandfather

of the universe, who was born from the universal lotus flower

Texts 40-43

dhantnm agratah krwa

ksinam dinam manasvinim

dadrsur brahmano lokam

vedadhvani ninaditam

yajriadhumaih samahrnam

munwarya nnevitam

suvarna vedikamadhye

daksinavarttam ujjvalam

vahnim yupankita udyana

vana puspa phalani itam

sarobhih sarasair hamsair

ahvayantam watithim

vayu lola lata jala

kusumah kulakulaih


pranamahvana satkara

madhuralapam iksanaih

Keeping mothe r earth , wh o ha d becom e emaciate d du e t o grea t

distress i n front, al l of th e demigod s went to the abode of Lor d Brahma

There, they experienced tha t th e entire atmosphere was surcharged wit h

the sounds of the chanting o f Vedic mantras, and everywhere wa s smoke

pouring from th e sacrificial fires Lor d Brahma, the leader of all the sages,

was sitting upon hi s throne, conducting a fire sacrific e o n an alta r mad e

of gold Her e an d ther e wer e many gardens and orchard s ful l o f flowers ,

fruit, an d woo d fo r performin g fir e sacrifices . Swans , cranes, an d othe r

aquatic birds made wonderful sounds , as if they were greeting their guests

with jo y Th e swans , cranes , an d othe r aquati c bird s wer e surrounde d

b-y intoxicated bumblebees hovering around innumerable creepers and

flowers, swinging to and fro in the cool breeze Thus, it appeared as if they

were all offering obeisances and speaking very sweetly while greeting

their guests with great pleasure

Text 44

tad brahma sadanam devah

sesvarah khnnamanasah


nijakaryam nweditum

Thus, all the demigods, headed by Indra, arrived in the abode of

Lord Brahma in a distressed state of mind By the order of Prajapati, they

entered the assembly hall of Lord Brahma, so that they could disclose to

him to cause of their grief

Text 45

tnbhuvana janakam soda

sanastham sanaka wnandana

sanatanaisca siddhaih

panseuta pada kamalam

brahmanam detata nemuh

The demigods first offered their respectful obeisances to Lord Brahma,

whose lotus feet were being served by perfected beings such as Sanaka,

Sanandana, and Sanatana as he sat in meditation Lord Brahma is the


secondary creator of the three worlds who acts under the direction of the

Supreme Personality of Godhead

Thus ends the translation of the first chapter of Sri zKyxawlkviu tPsrinq aponnamlkjihgfedcbaZYXWVUTSRQPONMLKJIHGFEDCBA