30000 years back Mahabharat war Gaint race and confirmation by bible

The Mahabharat and Giants along with sons of gods
The Epic of Mahabharat Clearly tells about the sons of gods and Giants with
very special weopnery and skills
The Epic of Mahabharat is the battel in between two teams of cousin brothers
Kauravas and pandavas The kauravas were the 100 sons of empress Gandhari
from present day Afghanistan  with emporer
Dhrutrashtra  and pandavas are the sons of pandu who were cosin brothers of kauravas
out of 100 kauravas all were born in a big Jar as emperor was blind and
empress closed her eyes with strip of cloth for eternity as sacrifice here
God Vyas helped them to have childrens by uniting there resources in
100 earthen jars and that created childrens from it .Please read it as a story
but it sounds like testtube baby isnt it ? .All the 100 childerens were extremly
smart and powerfull.where as kings brother pandu was cursed if he will
touch any women he will immediately die he has two wife’s but no children
so they worshipped god so that they will have there own sons . So sage durvasa
an incarnation of lord shiva gave the secret mantra to call gods on earth
and they helped to have children to these ladies
so gods bear child to human womens on earth , when bible tells about pre history
of earth and giants it clearly mentions that the gods from heaven got married
to womens on earth and they got chields which were giants .
The word giant is lietrally taken by scintists and as they searched for there bodies
they uncoverd large skeletons of human like skeletons here they have made mistakes
Hindu scriptures purans tell us that there were giants on earth  were of two types
1. Demons  with hybrid heads like crocodile,or an other type of animals
2. The old humans of last satya yuga where it mentions that the satya yuga
human normal height was 12 to 15 feets.
if the skeletons discovered are more that 15 feet then they are considerd as
demons who were killed in battels with gods way before written history
The mahabharat claims the sons of gods as Giants for there Hierarchy among
normal humans there knowledge and there strenghts
If the Bible is talking about the same thing then scientist have uncovered the bodies
of demons  as an example if we measure the body sizes of pheros of egypt
there Height is equivalent to normal human beings
many will say that why I am refering bible for comparision with hindu texts ?
that is because it is comparatively new text as the times were in the days after
last flood the lord Vyasa the incarnation of Shrikrishna in heavens came back
to earth with all necessary books that humanity requires . In that time there were
few peoples in india who knew how to write and make a copy they were called as
Brahmins but brahmins wrote them again also they craeted families seperately
who will propagate a single passage virbally without any error as a song
and many united was a complete book they forworded these books
orally in this fashion as god given duty .
and to remove the books from corruption of word they created rules as not to
teach this text to any illeterate man for that they closed themselves in communities called
as Caste system or varna .
So as to keep Scientific and historical information intact for years without corruption
in texts oral traditions were adopted but as they wanted to give the Knowledge
in a song or poem the songs were riddels so that one can get the correct
meaning by imagination or by imagination power so many indians when study
anciant history of Ramayan and Mahabharat they read it as a  story in history
but do not try to imagin it with current context and present day human achievements
same is with bible and hadiths when these books are telling something do not
take it literally about te past yuga