30000 years before Chriest – End of krishna Avatar

30000 years before Chriest _ End of Krishna Avatar
Many new age Scientist do not pay attention to this time deliberately due to
There own agenda . What exactly happened before 30000 years ,about the war
of Mahabharat .
The Reason behind this is as the christianity, Judaism,Islam are relatively new
Religions on this earth or they have only information available till 5000 years
Specially in Juidaism .The history of all this originates and remains centering
one man called Adam as he was fallen angel as per there holy books .
Insteads if we look at the ancient vaidic sanatan texts they have layers of
information about various previous civilisation that ruled ,concured ,or got
destroyed on this earth .
simmilar one recent text is Epic of Mahabharat , in hinduism a modern type
of old sanatan dharma it is called as itihas i.e. History , sanatan dharma has
written all there books around the holy incarnations here the holy incarnation is
lord vishnus 9th avatar i.e. Krishna .
as you recall the cycle of yugas the life expectancy rises multiplied by 10 in each
yuga so if kaliyuga life of averge animal is 120 years as per sanatan hindu books
Dwapar it will be 120X10 is equal to 1200
Treta it will be 120X10X10 is equal to 12000
Kruta or satya it will be 120000 human years per person
That is why if you check the sumerian kings list that tells us that they lived for
200000,300000 years etc which is true as per hindu texts but when it comes to
carbon dating if the results are more than 50000 years scientist hesitate to
write the truth on paper and they have devised a policy that in this case they
write results as 5000 years only . The main reason behind this is presently
the abrahamic religions are masters of this work and two of them are fallen
and one is risen they do not have old history other than Adam.
Its Okay now we will go to Mahanirvan of Shrikrishna or death of shrikrishna in
in flesh and bone body.
The Lord Shri krishna left his body and after that the Dwarka city his kingdom
sank into the bottom of sea near gulf of Khambat this is the refernce by
taking this sentence as refernce govt of india archeology department started
search in 80 s and they found a massive sunken city in the fathom of ocean as
per written texts of holy purans .
when they collected many items of pottery Etc and done carbon dating
surprisingly it is more than 30000 years i.e. the Mahabharat war was faught
more than 30000 years ago but as a chain reaction and other Scientist pressure
they are telling it as may be 5000 years old now continue this blog reading tommorow
as I will tell you with the names of holy books and chapters no of them what
happened in between till the jejus birth