Our ‘Knowledge’ is Based on ‘Body-Am-I’ Feeling


Our ‘Knowledge’ is Based on ‘Body-Am-I’ Feeling
Common people feel that sense-perceived phenomena can be instantly
experienced, while divine or spiritual experience is purely a matter of
inference and faith. I agree with them so far. I am not surprised that they do
not abandon worldly life. I only feel sorry that they indulge in it heart and
soul, under the illusion that it is imperishable, everlasting, despite evidence
to the contrary. I don’t mind their rejection of divine bliss as a sheer
hypothesis, provided they accept the everyday experience that sensual
pleasures are only transitory. Eventually it will lead to the conviction that
divine bliss alone is permanent. It is immanent in us, and does not have to
be acquired from elsewhere.
Modern civilization has catered amply to the pleasures and conveniences of
the senses and the body in general, but the end-result has only been
unhappiness. Imagine for a moment that plenty of means of pleasures of the
senses lie to entice a man, but one cannot afford them financially, or enjoy
them for want of physical capacity; the absence of capacity to avail of them
will only lead to disappointment and unhappiness. After all, every individual
cannot command all sense-pleasures, and so, after all the struggle of life,
the net result is a sense of disappointment, unhappiness. Happiness and
sorrow never really existed, they are only illusory creations of our
imagination. Whatever is agreeable to the moment’s fancy of the mind is
pleasure, and whatever is otherwise is sorrow. Both these are the product of
the illusion that the body is the be-all and the end-all, and so long as we live
in that conviction, so long will all experience be necessarily polluted by
illusion. That all creation, though pervaded by pure bliss, appears sorrowful
is the result of illusion, which clouds our inner perception. The world, after
all, is made up of so many individuals, each struggling for pleasure; how can
a single person, in such a situation, get all pleasures for himself?
One cannot have guarantee of life. It can terminate abruptly, unexpectedly.
Therefore, waste not even a moment, spend it in the constant awareness of
God. To forget Him owing to a calamity or because of all-round happiness, is
an equal loss.
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