Hindu concept of Lokas Sumerian tree of life explained



Hinduism has loka concept

what does mean by loka ?

A place in the universe where intelligent race lives or planets where intelligent races live  .

what are these locations named ?

The purans tell us that there are 7 heavens and 7 hells and one earth .

They are as below

7 Heavens

  1. Bhu loka
  2. buvah loka
  3. swaha loka
  4. Maha Loka
  5. Jana loka
  6. Tapa loka
  7. Satya loka

the 7 th loka or heaven is the best living possibility the living standard and standard of life increases as one travels from 1 to 7

There are 7 Hells they are as below

  1. atal loka
  2. vital loka
  3. sutal loka
  4. Talatal loka
  5. Mahatal loka
  6. Rasatal loka
  7. Patal loka

As one progress to 1 to 7 Hells the living standard decreases and difficulties increases for normal being

Each Heaven and each Hell has its owner or the ruler or god . The Patal loka lord is king

bali or Baal satya loka king is Indra this is vertical order all heavens are at top all hells at

bottom . The creator Brahma lives in separate location above the heavens without support

Sumerian Tree of life explained :

The Tree of life is called as Vatpatra ashvath or Nagpatra ashvath as per The Hindu Scriptures

The Yoke of that Tree is nothing but the earth this is also called as the Mount Mandar which was used for churning of the white sea by demons and gods the flying bird with the god sitting upon it is Bramha the creator The bottom flat part is Vishnu the Sustainer the figure shows the travel route for going from one place to other in universe a connecting tunnel for gods to travel

This photo shows two races one left and one right the left one is god race and right is  demon race the top flying is Bramha the creator  without support that why it shown wings the tree has total 14 leafs left and 14 leafs right the center is earth these 14 leafs are 14 loka system of one universe and 14 loka system of other universe .

This is churning of two universes

the base is vishnu as kurma means tortoise