Hindu Scriptures 4 yugas Theory explained

Name Satya Treta Dwapar Kali(Cali) Total
Human Years 1728000 1296000 864000 432000 4320000
Kali or Cali yuga divided cycle with the time slot owner    
** Time keeper : Is kali or cali he is a son of god and owner of this yuga .  
** Time slot owner : The kali yuga is further divide into six slots , in each slot time is conted in
the name of some divine persons by humans on earth which is nominated by lord
They are as below          
  Total kaliyuga (caliyuga )= Total 432000    
Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6
Person name Yudhisthir Vikramaditya Shaliwahan Vijayabhinandan Nagarjuna Kalki(GOD)
Place of birth Indraprashtha Ujjain Paithan on the banks of country of karveer
        river vaitarni Gaud peoples city
          Near place karnataka
          called as  
Time slot counted 3044 135 18000 10000 400000 821
Prophecy complete complete complete Yet to come Yet to come Yet to come
Contemparary person from western world conted 40 years later Yudh ve vudh ve Jejus chriest counted 40 years after vikram Mohamad Victor Unknown Unknown
Origin Jew Jew Muslim Unknown Unknown Unknown

According to Hinduism kaliyuga has total 4 charan
Charan exctly means steps , we are now in first Charan what is diferene in  all four steps let us see
When ever a yuga or time progresses it gives good or bad effects they are as below
Steps of time Output
Golden Worries
Silver All good
Copper Getting riches
Iron Trouble
As we closely look at the past 5000 years we were started with iron now ended on gold ,next it be
silver after 10000 years then for 400000 it will be copper and end will be again iron .
but don’t worry the time output is not same for every creture on planet it is dependant on his or
her acts . Many peoples question about kali yuga is bad this is not so , every time slot has its own
good and bads the kali yuga is ment to achive godly status with very few efforts . In rest all yugas
you have to fight a lot for achieving it .