Time difference in heavens and earth

Actual time completed in  heavens agaist completion of human years
The life span of gods of heavens is 100 years
The godly year is of 360 day and night in heavens
The one day of gods of 1st heaven is equal to 6 human months and same is night
The day of gods is called as uttarayana of humans when sun moves towords north for six months
and the night of the gods is called as dakshinayana i.e. when the sun moves towords south six month
so the time on our earth moves faster than time in heavens
so let us calculate the time completed in each heaven
The caliyuga is the smallest yuga of all rest all yuga years we can get by multiplying caliyuga
time by 2,3,4 so dwapar is 2 times caliyuga treta is 3 times ,simmilarly satya is 4 times
Satya (krut) Treta Dwapar kali(Cali) note
1728000 1296000 864000 432000 Earth Human years
4Xcaliyuga 3Xcaliyuga 2X caliyuga unit I.e. time moves faster as yuga progresses
considering gods year of 360 days dividing human years by 360 days of gods we get godly yuga of 1st heaven  let us do it
Satya (krut) Treta Dwapar kali(Cali) note
Heaven no 1728000 1296000 864000 432000 360 days of gods
1 4800 3600 2400 1200 Godly years
2 13.3333333333333 10.0000000000000 6.6666666666667 3.3333333333333 Godly years
3 0.0370370370370 0.0277777777778 0.0185185185185 0.0092592592593 Godly years
4 0.0001028806584 0.0000771604938 0.0000514403292 0.0000257201646 Godly years
5 0.0000002857796 0.0000002143347 0.0000001428898 0.0000000714449 Godly years
6 0.0000000007938 0.0000000005954 0.0000000003969 0.0000000001985 Godly years
7 0.0000000000022 0.0000000000017 0.0000000000011 0.0000000000006 Godly years
so this proves that in heavens time moves slowly as compaired to earth