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The present manu is vaivaswat

out of total 71 megayugas 27 have been completed presently we are in 28th megayuga and this is the end of this megayuga I.e. kaliyuga or caliyuga .


that means for 27 times we have done the same thing in the last all caliyugas

it is been written that the avatar happens at the end of yuga say if kaliyuga is 432000  human years avatar will come at the end of this yuga so it can be from 428000 to 430000 human years .

so let us find the time cycles from all seven heavens

human years divided by 360 days and nights  of 1st heaven i.e. 1 year of gods is equal to 1200 human years of earth in caliyuga .

Yuga Start Length 1 year
Satya 3,891,102 BCE 1,728,000 4800
Treta 2,163,102 BCE 1,296,000 3600
Dvapara 867,102 BCE 864,000 2400
Kali* 3102 BCE – 428,899 CE[e] 432,000 1200
Years: 4,320,000 solar 12000