Understanding Divine time calculations


Before going to understand the kalki avatar , or return of Chriest etc we should first understand the divine calculations of time as per Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma.

As per Hindu scriptures

There is only one god which is omnipresent and always available who is formless and having no attributes . This omnipresent god is always depicted as sky or the space when he or she as it does not belong to any gender comes to our experience in five different forms with five different purposes they are as below .The omnipresent is called as Bramhan means the soul of all souls.

1GaneshElephant godfour headed elephant man donor of all knowledge
2Bramha masculinefour head four arm manThe Creation of everything
3Vishnu masculine Four headed man sleeping on serpent Preservation sustenance of created
4Shiva masculinelike a human Destruction of created for reconstruction
5DurgaFemininfour hand women generation

so these are just forms of one and only one formless god in fact these are the five possibilities of life existence . now we will enter into divine time calculation as per ancient text surya sidhanta literally means the way of sun

  1. The creator Bramha has life span of 100 years out of which 50 years have gone past right now the creater is in his 51 st year out of which 3 letters have gone past out of his first months first 15 days are called as paksha and the next pakshas 1st day is running in this day 13 ghatika completed 42 pals completed and 3 letters have completed . simply the creators one day is equal to four yugas multiplied by 1000 i.e.
  2. 4320000 human years * 1000 = creators one day and same is the length of his night right now we are in his night
Sr. No.Name of Yuga Time duration human years
1Satya (Krut)yuga 1728000
2Treta Yuga 1296000
3Dwapar Yuga864000
4kali(Cali) Yuga 432000
Total ( 1Mega Yuga )4320000

In his one day total 14 times a new mankind a new creation is created that is called as manu They are as below .

Sr. No.Name of manuNo. of megayugas

right now we are in the times of vaivaswata manu the first man created