About Myself


Dear all readers ,

my name is Hrishikesh krishnaji Joshi i am an engineer by profession i worked in various industries for last 15 years . last five years i left all kind of jobs and started investing all my efforts in understanding the ancient Hindu scriptures like Purans as i am born in a traditional Brahmin family it was my duty to understand all the books and transfer the knowledge given in those books to peoples at large .

as i was learning Christianity and Islam there the most Pasters and Maulanas are focusing on end times as Hinduism is 1000 or more years older that Christianity and sanatan dharma is far more older than any sect i started to look in to holy books of the sanatan dharma regarding end time and its prophecies so i found lot of interesting information here we will take a deep glance in the holy books we will compare the all sects holy books too.

the reson behind is not to show them lower or higher but to extract truth about THE GOD and his act also my focus is on finding the true end time events of THE EARTH .

We have lots of well preserved books on astronomy they also talk about the end time .we will take the deep look into MAYA calendar too which is wrongly understood by many peoples there is completely holy book written by king MAYA who built that civilization ..

we will understand who the hell was Mr. MAYA the real story of him and his relatives .

we will go deep into the kalki puran and exact timing of apocalyptic events .

so fasten your seat belts the ride is going to start very soon . I want to deliver what i have it is up to you how much you take and what do you understand .There are lot of such hidden things which THE BIBLE and THE Quran does not focus there light as what was the history of this world before chriest and Mohammad we will go in deep for that we will look after the aftermath of the great war of mahabharat and its effects

we will look inside the pyramids the history of who really build it

so it will be very interesting session tell me what else do you want i will try to focus light as per ancient Hindu holy scriptures with reference . in my past life i got some spiritual experience that has promoted me to start this portal . Present day world is full of corrupted holy scriptures and we are understanding wrong about everything i will try to correct the understanding as scriptures are way beyond repair .

i will give tips to come out of this problem without holy books , and how you can attain what you want by your day to day activities .

so from today i am starting this blog

i want to convert this into an movement not to cahnge the world but to change ourselves so do join me

i have just started there are miles to go , the portal is not so good designed by me so please forgive me i am changing the data for ease

Thanks and Regards,

Hrishikesh Joshi ( Knath )